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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

when i have been tagged !

wow! for the first time i want join the tagged! because im so bored rite now, ok watch out !
i was tagged buy tempe goreng !

Rules :

  •  Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
  • You must post these rules.
  • Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. 
  •  No tag backs.
  • You are tagged if you are reading this' you legitimately

  Eleven things about me  :
  1. i'm a shy girl. ;D
  2. love Apit song very tight, ( mimpi indah )
  3. like guys who plays guitar.
  4. not believe with love for this time!
  5. i dream of personal changed towards good
  6. i'm study at KUIS, islamic banking
  7. love my friends and miss them so much.
  8. need someone to talk when i down
  9. i'm so proud because i'm born as girl  :)
  10. i'm a kind person . ( time tok puji diri sendiri )
  11. lah dah no 11 dah? sikit nye, nak lagi,nak lagi.. haha . Last but not least, anybody can't angry with me, haha i will kill them.. 
Answer to cik sarah' question :

  • Prefer to Twitter or Tumblr? Why?
    - twitter, because i don't know how to use tumblr, haaha
  • What you do when you woke up from your bed?- quickly go to bath
  • Have you being a good girl/boy? *be honest :D
    - of course !  :D
  • When did you posted this? (the time,date)
    - 26/10/11, 1.00 am
  • Where & with who do you want to go if you have 2 free flight tickets?
    - UK,London, Paris..i will go with my mum ! because i can buy everything.. ;D
  • Have a crush with someone?
    -YES! of course, ngee ~
  • Who is your idol?
    - i like ustaz don.. hakhakhak
  • What did you do when your internet getting slowww?
    - i will turn off the laptop and SLEEP !
  • How many times in a week did you read the Holy Quran?
    - Alhamdulillah, i will read if i have free time, and i try to spent my time to read the Holy Quran. InsyaAllah  : ')
  • Hangout or stay at home is much better? Why?
    - Stay home, because more safety
  • Who is the most you loved between your family & your crush?
    -  of course my family..

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